Counselling from Relate Mid-Yorkshire can help people at any stage of their life, whether you are married, living with a partner, in a relationship, single, gay, straight or part of a family group.

Many people think that Relate Mid-Yorkshire is only here to help when there is a  relationship crisis and yes, we are the first source of help when people face break ups, divorce, affairs or other major conflicts.  However we are also here for the worries that might feel trivial or minor, and even when life is going well, we can help you keep it that way. We are here when it is best for you and at a time to fit in with your committments.

How you’ll benefit from counselling really depends on what you want to get out of it, but it is rare that you will leave Relate without feeling a positive change. For some people we transform their relationships and their lives; for others we help them solve a specific problem and move forward with more confidence and less anxiety

Relate counselling is private and confidential. We hold information about clients and their counselling in the strictest confidence. We will not give your name or any information from or about you to anyone else unless someone, especially a child, is at serious risk of harm. In such a situation we would try to involve you in decisions about any action that needs to be taken.