Later life

For many couples, life from 50+ is a time of change, retirement is something you’ve begun thinking about or planning,  grown-up children are leaving home, and work/life balance shifts.  Maybe you’re looking forward to a new lease of life in your relationship as different opportunities arise.

Perhaps these changes mean different things to each of you – whilst one is looking to wind down and relax, the other is looking for new opportunities or is waiting for a new togetherness to begin.  Perhaps you are noticing that some cracks are forming between you, and you want to ‘future proof’ your relationship with each other.

At Relate Mid-Yorkshire, more and more couples are contacting us for help as they approach retirement, to help them deal with the changes in their relationship, and to make the most of the next chapter.  We are proud to launch our Couples 50+ MOT programme, a four-session programme designed for you and your partner to help talk about and plan for the next adventures together.  The programme comprises 4 couple sessions with one of our expert relationship counsellors, and will support you both to a new understanding of what later life can mean for you. Each session costs £50 or £175 if all four are paid for in advance.  Sessions are available in Leeds, York or Harrogate.

To book your sessions, please contact us on via email at