LGBT Relationships

Support for LGBT relationships

All sorts of people come to Relate Mid-Yorkshire – gay, straight, bi and trans. Our counsellors will always give you the respect you deserve and are great at helping you find the best way forward.

Relate Mid-Yorkshire have helped lots of lesbian, gay, bi and trans couples and individuals in building stronger relationships. We can help with the issues that affect the LGBT communities, from the big problems that might threaten your relationship and have a big effect on you and your family to the smaller issues that just make things a little less than prefect. Even if things are going brilliantly for you, we can help keep it that way.

Our relationship counsellors see lots of LGBT clients every year, as couples, individuals or family groups. People often find that talking things through with a counsellor really helps them and their relationship. You can talk through how commitment of entering a Civil Partnership might affect you, how to manage a break-up, how outside pressures are impacting on your relationship or anything else you can think of.