Relate in the workplace

Our understanding of your requirements
With initiatives such as the Health and Safety Executive’s new stress management standards employers are taking a fresh look at the ways in which they audit and reduce stress, and Relate is working with many types of employers to find appropriate ways to support staff.

Where a member of staff is experiencing stress as a result of relationship difficulties, employers are increasingly seeking prompt, assured and effective services to provide support, working towards a successful return to full working capacity.

Why Do Relate Mid-Yorkshire’s Services Work?
Relate Mid-Yorkshire’s strength is in its over 70 years of working with clients to create practical and achievable solutions to their relationship problems.

How can Relate Mid-Yorkshire help you?
A bespoke package of Relate Mid-Yorkshire’s confidential and expert services will be put together to meet the needs specific to your workplace.

Relate Mid-Yorkshire’s services are designed to be cost effective and accessible. The costing of services to you will reflect the customised elements of your requirements allowing you to tailor a package to suit your budget and will include a management fee to establish and support the service and Sessional fees based on service requirements.

Packages for the Workplace may include;
Adult Relationship Counselling
Supporting staff who have personal and family concerns which are affecting work performance.  Staff can access this by face to face or Webcam counselling.

Family counselling
Helping staff and their families with communication or relational issues, giving everybody the chance to be heard.

Sex therapy
Helping staff with a range of sexual difficulties.

Relate Mid-Yorkshire Education & Learning Services
A range of courses aiming to improve interpersonal and team relationships. These include counselling skills and understanding yourself and the way you conduct relationships.Bespoke courses cater for the specific needs of your workplace, whether relationships are under strain due to restructuring, mergers or interpersonal issues.


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