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Thank you for taking the health check.

Mostly a’s

Congratulations – your relationship is looking very healthy indeed. Either you’re still in the first throes of love or perhaps like many, you’ve discovered that relationships take time, commitment and open communication and you’re reaping the rewards. The fact that you’ve done this quiz also demonstrates that you don’t take your relationship for granted and you want to keep learning. If you want to make your relationship even better, have a look back through the questions to any where you didn’t tick ‘a’ and consider what changes you and your partner might want to make.

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On the whole your relationship is in good shape. Mostly ‘b’s indicates that although there are a number of differences between you and your partner, you’re able to respect those differences and work through them together. If you don’t already do so, you may find it helpful to spend more time focusing on the many good things you share together to ensure these continue to outweigh any irritating niggles.

Mostly c’s

If you scored mostly c’s you may be finding your relationship often feels like a struggle. You still have many positive qualities but there are quite a few areas that can cause conflict or distance between you. You might find it helpful to go back through this quiz and highlight the areas that you think are most important to start work on and either do it on your own or with a Relate counsellor.

If things are difficult in your relationship, you can call 01904 625971 or click to book an appointment.

Mostly d’s

It looks as though your relationship is going though a particularly difficult time at the moment. Perhaps this is a temporary blip because one or both of you is particularly under pressure form an external source, or perhaps you’ve been in this place for a while. Either way, you’ll probably find it helpful to put some time aside, either alone, with your partner or with a Relate counsellor to think about the changes you’d like to make to improve your relationship.

If you are finding things tough, call 01904 625971 or click to book an appointment to get your relationship back on track.

Whatever your score

Please remember that this health check is for guidance only and every relationship is different and unique. If you need more help or if you want to talk through the results, please make an appointment to see one of our counsellors by phoning 01904 625971 or clicking this link.

If you’re experiencing any violence or abuse within your relationship then you should seek help immediately. Even if you think every other area of your relationship is okay, no-one should be living within an environment where they feel controlled or fearful. If this describes your situation then you can contact Relate to speak to one of our trained counsellors on 01904 625971 or you could also contact the National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0808 2000 247.