“Coming to Relate has opened my mind, my counselor has helped me to understand the possible reasons for feeling how I did. She was Excellent in helping me deal to deal with the relationship I had with my parents. Shes helped so much through educating me in different theories and she has allowed me to understand myself once again, which I had been unable to do for a very long time. Thank you!”

Client May 2018

“I had a fantastic counsellor – she understood and supported the issues that I came to her with, with such sensitivity and expertise, and enabled me to understand and address some incredibly deep-rooted feelings and insecurities in ways I would not have been able to do without her help.  Thank you!”

Client November 2017

“Please thank my counsellor.  She has been an amazing support to me throughout this time and I would never have gained the insights that she enabled me to see.  I will cherish our conversations and will build on them going forward”.

Client September 2017