Webcam Counselling

What is Webcam counselling?

Relate Mid-Yorkshire offers Webcam counselling to couples and individuals.   This is just like having face-to-face counselling, except that you are talking to a specially trained counsellor online using a secure video link (similar to Skype or FaceTime).

If you and your partner live in different places, or one of you is temporarily away working for example, this is an easy way for you both to take part in couple counselling from separate locations.   Even if you are at the same address, Webcam counselling can be an invaluable option due to
• Difficulties with travel or access to one of our offices
• Not being able to attend during our normal office hours
• Limitations imposed by caring responsibilities or poor health

How much does it cost?

Costs are the same as for face-to-face counselling, please click here 

We are running a pilot webcam counselling project proving free webcam counselling   for people affected by long term health conditions in Leeds,  For more information click here


All you need to use our webcam counselling is a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone – any device with a webcam and a microphone. You also need continuous, reliable access to the internet for up to an hour.

Once you’ve booked a session, we’ll email you details of your booking with a link to access your session.

At the time of your appointment, just click on the link in the email and you’ll be connected to a video call with your counsellor.

We use Zoom to provide our Webcam Counselling.   If you’ve never used Zoom before, when you click on the link you may be asked to install a plugin to connect your camera with your web browser.   Follow the on-screen instructions and select “Run” to install.

We use “Zoom” because:
• It’s available to users with lower bandwidths
• You don’t need to download software or set up an account
• It meets a very high standard of confidentiality and data security

How to make a booking, cancel or reschedule a session

You can make a booking by calling any of the numbers listed under Contact us”.
If you wish to cancel or reschedule an appointment, you need to do this at least 48 hours in advance of the appointment, so that we can refund or carry over your payment to another dat

Zoom, the online service we use to deliver Webcam Counselling, will not collect your personal information and sessions are not recorded.   Video calls take place using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to ensure they remain confidential.   When you make a booking, we will need an email address, but if you want to keep these details private, please use an email address that only you have access to.

Zoom uses cookies.   However, these will not contain identifiable information about you or your counselling session.

If you want to delete all traces of Zoom you’ll need to:
• Uninstall Zoom
• Delete your internet history for the day you had counselling
• Delete any cookies Zoom has left on your device.   You can get more information on deleting cookies on the Information Commissioner’s Office website

How to get the most out of your Webcam Counselling Appointment

Before the appointment, please check you have
• A fully charged and working device (see above)
• A reliable and consistent internet connection
• Received an “Invitation to join a meeting” email
• Pen and paper in case you want to jot anything down
• A drink to hand
• Tissues – we know that counselling can bring up difficult emotions at times

Please check in advance that ideally you will not be interrupted or overheard during the time of the appointment.

It’s a good idea to consider what can be seen in the background to your image on the screen.

Please take 5-10 minutes before  the appointment to think what you would like to get out of that day’s session – perhaps jot down a few bullet points to help you remember.

Try not to do any other activity immediately after the end of the session – it’s a good idea to leave 10 minutes to think about what’s been said, and to gather your thoughts before going off to deal with the rest of the day.