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bricks-2181920_1920.jpgCounselling Skills for Non-Counsellors

This is a course for those engaged in a helping or supporting role privately or professionally. The purpose of the course is to offer a framework and the skills necessary in listening to and helping others.  This course does not provide a qualification in counselling.

Course content;

What are counselling skills.
The core conditions, a three stage model based on Carkhuff and Egan, and the skills associated with the three stage model
The fundamentals of the counselling process and use of skills.
Interview management and time keeping.
The need for clear boundaries and structure.
Ethical issues.
The limitations of the use of counselling skills and the need for support.
Enabling change.

This course is usually delivered over 2 days.


Riding the Storm

This three session programme aims to help the parents or carers of teenagers develop their relationships with their children. Some parents/carers  may not recognise the valuable skills that they already possess as parents/carers, and the course is designed to allow parents/carers to build on these skills and to learn to adapt behaviours to different circumstances.

The programme has the overall objectives of:
Understand the pressures of being a teenager
Breaking bad habits
Identify an individual’s skills as a parent/carer of teenagers
Managing conflict
Negotiating boundaries
Support networks
Re-building relationships

The course is usually delivered over 3 x 3 hour sessions.